Non risparmia nessuno il rapper Game all’interno della diss track “Uncle Otis”. L’MC se la prende con i suoi colleghi sulle note di “My Last”, brano cantato da Big Sean. Il rapper di Compton si rivolge a Jay-Z (“Ni**as think they the coldest, but ni**a you just the oldest”), Diddy (“I don’t wear Sean John”), Kreayshawn (“Lil’ white bitch, better stay in your place”), Odd Future (“I created Tyler, the Creator”), Lupe Fiasco (“The show goes on till I start aiming the lasers at Lupe”) e persino all’ex marito di Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony.

Game is all fired up on “Uncle Otis,” which borrows its title from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne single. The controversial rapper takes shots at his peers including

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    • Sep04al3xb777 if lupe was inmaliluti, hed be dead cuz of all the anti inmaliluti stuff hes spreadin. probably only reason hes not dead now is cuz people will know who did it inmalilutis.go lupe! keep spittin truth!


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