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Good lover, good lover
Feels good like a long whole summer
Late comer, he’s a late comer
My mind is a bad motherfucker
He can bring it, bring it all day long
All over my [?]
Nobody will get to see
That he’s gonna spend his life with me
You can’t have him
No way he’s [?] in ladies
I don’t mean his babies
Look at my ring
He’s going nowhere till this fat lady sings

And when I see his face
I feel like I could win the race
And when he calls, when he calls my name
I know we’re in the long game
And when I lad him fall
I couldn’t ask him anymore
I wouldn’t send, I wouldn’t send him back
He want me game certain match

My lover, my lover
Shoes and [?] like he’s Maradona
Under the covers, my mind is a bad motherfucker



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