Christina Aguilera: ecco il dietro le quinte del Liberation Tour!

The singer Christina Aguilera will leave tomorrow from Hollywood with her Liberation Tour!

Many years have passed since Christina Aguilera sang in concert. The singer of “Fall In Line ” is ready to return to her public, after almost a decade of detention.

A firm definitely dictated by the family, created in recent years, but also by the unconvincing results of the albums ” Bionic ” and “Lotus” . The new tour will contain 3 albums of Christina Aguilera’s history …

Just a few days ago a behind the scenes was unveiled telling us about the work behind this tour, which for the moment unfortunately, does not have any dates in Italy yet!

The kick off is scheduled for tomorrow, and we can not wait to also propose photos and images of the first stage Hollywodiana.

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To us it seems quite certain that this tour will be a great success, given the prolonged absence, and given the hunger of fans to see real singers with incredible voice in live.

We have a very distant memory of Christina, in Milan, during her Stripped Tour …! Let us pray to Aguilera to return to visit Italy.

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