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I messaggi dei colleghi dopo la morte di Amy Winehouse

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La scomparsa della cantante inglese Amy Winehouse ha scosso tutti, fan, adetti ai lavori e colleghi della stessa interprete i quali via Twitter hanno espresso il loro cordoglio. Amy aveva soltanto 27 anni ed una vita costellata di eccessi, abuso di droghe ed alcool che l’ha portata ad un rapido declino fisico e mentale. L’ultima apparizione ufficiale è stata a Belgrado, prima ed ultima tappa del Tour che ha mostrato ancora una volta a tutto il mondo che i problemi irrisolti della cantante erano ancora li a perseguitarla. Ora, come sempre succede, sarà la sua musica a ricordarci di lei. “Back to Black” in poche ora ha già raggiunto la vetta della classifica iTunes americana mentre il suo album di debutto “Frank” staziona alla 5. Ecco i messaggi dei colleghi:

Missy Elliott:

“My Condolences go out to Amy Winehouse family and My Prayers to those Families who lost loved ones in Norway…”

Mark Ronson:

“She was my musical soulmate & like a sister to me. this is one of the saddest days of my life”.


“Rest in peace to Amy Winehouse. Your pain was your art and your art was beautiful pain. May you live forever in your music”.

Mary J. Blige:

“Rest in peace Amy Wine House. I hope the after life brings u the piece u were searching 4 on earth. Love MJB”

Jessie J:

“The way tears are streaming down my face. Such a loss. RIP Amy. Man…. Something tells me that we’ll be talking about Amy in 30 yrs time in the same way we tlk about other music legends who’s lives ended early.


Dear God have mercy!!! I am SICK about this right now! I am genuinely heartbroken about this. #DearAmy U made a MAJAH impression on this industry and throughout the world, in such a short space of time…too short! #ICONSneverDIE

Alexandra Burke:

Omg Amy Winehouse. I am so so sad… My heart goes out to her family. She was so talented and such a lovely lady. May her soul rest in peace. Gone too soon and so young

Nicki Minaj:

Please tell me Amy Winehouse didn’t die. Is this some sick joke?


I appreciate artists with true talent that aren’t afraid to be an individual, Amy Winehouse was that. U nor your music will be forgotten.

Melanie Fiona:

I’m so terribly saddened by the death of Amy Winehouse. One of music’s finest and my favourites. Tragic. Smh. #RipAmyWinehouse

Katy Perry:

RIP Amy Winehouse. May she finally find peace

JLS (Oritse):

I can’t believe what i’ve just been told! Amy Winehouse you are one of my all time music heroes! You are now in a better place…times like this remind me why its so important to live live to the fullest!! Amy Winehouse you will be a legend in all out hearts!


I’m so sad to hear the horrible news of Amy Winehouse’s death. I’m so happy I knew you Amy…Rest Well. Gone Too Soon…we’ll miss you!

Rita Ora:

RIP Amy Winehouse…Drugs are evil…the devil preys on the weak, don’t support him. Such a loss

Bruno Mars:

Kanye said it best ‘If you admire somebody, you should go ‘head and tell em’ People never get the flowers while they can still smell em’


Beyond hurt right now.

Keri Hilson:

Amy Winehouse…so tragic. I loved her. She inspired me! I kept hoping she’d find a happier place than her self destructive state…damn.


RIP Amy Winehouse


My condolences to Amy Winehouse’s family and friends :( RIP so sad

Tiffany Evans:

R.I.P Amy Winehouse.


I watched her run through what were apparent local favorites although I’d never heard of her nor them. I concluded at that point that this girl was… NOTHING short of amazing. She had horns, she had the voice of a sista, and she had a rock star attitude. Like F*ck em, ima do me. Secretly, I had a crush on her. Rebellious, vulnerable, and could sing. Perfect mix. I’m so mad she’s gone.


“I’m a young woman and I’m going to write about what I know.” -Amy Winehouse Rest In Peace to such a talented young woman


R.I.P Sis. Why u couldn’t chill???? why the F*ck U Leave? Love U Sis!

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