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Traduzione testo Turn It – T.I.

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Leggi il testo della canzone Turn It di T.I.

I’mma turn it it for the dopeboys ridin’ in the trap
50 pounds and that fire in their lap
I’mma turn it for the bad hoes, aye holla when you see me
You know I got this raw when you need it
I’mma turn it for the pay roll, I need it in my pocket
Boy, what you need then I can get it if I ain’t got it
I’mma turn it for these suckers, man
I know you wouldn’t be shit without me
I can keep you bitches dreamin’ ’bout me
I’mma turn it for the…

[Verse 1]
Hustle Gang, nigga, that’s mandatory
Still be trappin’ out the ‘bando
King pull strings like a Banjo
Get a nigga killed for a band, yo
Pay anything to be done in the streets, I done it
Swear to God from the West to the East side I run it
You better watch how you talkin’ to me now, Sonny
I’m a Bankhead nigga, but the East ride for me
You violate when you see me, get a demonstration in 3-D
My motivation hit different states
And that ten piece is like hot wings, nigga
Keep it real, you not me, nigga
If it wasn’t for jail would have shot E, nigga
If they disrespectin’ on top we kill ‘em
I’mma watch that, duck like like dark wing nigga
Still on top when you see me
With my burner tucked in my monster truck
The money you get like grown up
And nigga, you ain’t even thinkin’ rich, I’m enough
With a matchin’ chain, my formula
Get cocaine and buy everything, like “Yeah”


[Verse 2]
Never will I be the one
Who ever go broke or don’t carry a gun
Play me for no joke, nigga, I’m not the one
Fuck that shit that you done, we riding ‘til dawn
Run up to him and do him, make sure that he done
New AK with a scope in case he may run
I bet he not far, on top of my car
If I got my tripod I won’t have to try hard to kill him
You [?] better pay me or you out through dealin’
Them niggas whippin’ with you and the broad you drillin’
When it come to bankroll we the [?] nigga
Okay, I got something for you, nigga
I’mma cap me a case, I’m so ratchet
Get the fuck out my face, ride four ratchets
Got bad bitches in mad cities
We hit the stage and throw 40 at it
I stay on gold, nigga, know me
I green light a whole nigga slit lowkey
My attitude does scare with some goatee
I do a drive-by listening to Doe B
My [?] bro, no remote
I’m up there, stuck there, I rolled it for him
From the coast of [?]
Better know that



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